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    Wireless Internet access plans

    Looking for affordable wireless internet access plans? Just ask Trustive!

    Trustive, Europe's leading WiFi Internet access provider, offers customers seamless access to a unified, global network of + WiFi hotspots through a variety of wireless internet access plans that have been specifically tailored to accommodate both occasional and frequent users.

    Trustive pledges to make wireless Internet access plans affordable for all members of the Trustive community and achieves this by providing a variety of subscription and prepaid WiFi access plans all based on Trustive's 'per second' billing system (which means that customers only pay for what they actually use). These competitively priced wireless Internet access plans combined with Trustive's no download limit policy, give customers the true freedom to make the most out of their WiFi Internet connection by surfing, calling (VOIP), e-mailing, using IM services and sharing multimedia information as needed.

    Customers who prefer Trustive's prepaid wireless Internet access plans enjoy the same benefits as subscription customers whilst retaining complete control of their prepaid WiFi spending. This is thanks to Trustive's 'per second' billing system (which means that customers only pay for what they actually use) and the online account management tool, which enables customers to review their usage in real-time and top-up their prepaid WiFi credit at their convenience.

    Trustive is dedicated to making high-speed, international internet access easily available to all its customers, including the new Netbook generation, and has achieved this through the development of its renowned MyHotspotter connection management tool, which is now also compatible with the new Asus Eee PC. With MyHotspotter and Trustive's detailed, online hotspot directory, which makes locating and mapping hotspots a breeze, easy to roam really can be the catchphrase for anyone looking for an affordable wireless internet access plans.

    If you would like more information about Trustive's wireless internet access plans, click here!

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