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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


WiFi, the international mobile internet access solution for the perceived future

In our 2010 report, Trustive observes new trends in the way travellers access the internet. Travellers use multiple devices – these days it is not unusual to travel with 3 or more devices - and laptops are gradually being replaced by tablets and smartphones.

This new trend is therefore leading a shift in the way that data is accessed. Regular usage of multiple devices and the real risk of loosing, breaking and/or having devices stolen means that data has to be accessible directly via the net. Forget having to download files onto multiple platforms and the headache associated with the constant need to manage and synchronize local data across multiple devices, hardisks and/or USB keys. In the 21st century, data will be stored in virtual “clouds”, accessible via any device with mobile internet access.

The combination of the availability of high-speed broadband, low-cost structures and a new generation of WiFi technology all enable users to enjoy high-speed WiFi access at home and in the office. It is therefore only natural that users prefer to use the same type of high-speed WiFi internet access services when they travel abroad as well.

Due to the above-mentioned new trends in mobile internet access, it is imperative that security be reviewed, the risks inherent to the public domain being simply too great to ignore. Trustive strongly recommends designing data access security protocols independently to the devices being used. Experts and suppliers should, in Trustive’s opinion, concentrate on providing secured access to data for internal or external use. Trustive understands the complexity of this design but, for the perceived future at least, we cannot escape current user behaviour patterns and trends and, in order to safeguard data, it is thus only sensible to address this subject sooner rather than later.

As carriers move to “à la carte plans”, business nomads working for small companies will pay increasing attention to which types of network they connect to and how much such mobile internet connections cost. Increases in workforce mobility will result in an increase in WiFi usage in the coming months and years. Today’s 3G and tomorrow’s 4G will be premium services, reserved for the top echelon of travellers. However, the vast majority of travellers will rely on WiFi access whenever they are abroad.

At Trustive, we have always worked to provide a secure infrastructure for travellers to rely on, primarily by establishing secure interconnections with our 100+ operator partners and by using the latest technology to protect our systems and sites. Trustive offers travellers a low-cost mobile internet access service that includes free WiFi software to detect and connect to Trustive WiFi hotspots in just one click. That, plus of course Trustive’s free secure web browser (also accessible via Trustive’s WiFi software) both enable travellers to connect easily and with peace of mind to the world’s largest WiFi hotspot network of 180,000 WiFi hotspots in 130 countries.