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Trustive Welcomes Spotcoffee's Network of WiFi Hotspots to their International, Premium WiFi Hotspot Network

Trustive, the No1 WiFi access provider in Europe and Asia, is very pleased to be able to confirm that they have extended their existing partnership with SpotCoffee, an innovative software development firm and French WiFi operator, thereby enabling Trustive customers to roam across SpotCoffee’s WiFi hotspot network. From today, Trustive’s community of frequent travellers will be able to use their international WiFi passes across 1600 SpotCoffee hotspots, located primarily in hotels, campsites, bars and restaurants in France and the French territories of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion.

Trustive’s strategy has long been to provide seamless mobile internet access to travellers via a single click. Trustive’s WiFi network, which has undergone significant expansion in recent months, currently includes 180,000 WiFi hotspots in 130 countries (combining the hotspot locations of more than 100 leading WiFi operators into one unified network), making it not only No1 in Europe, but also No1 in Asia, and probably the leading international WiFi access provider as well.  Trustive recently extended their service offering to include a combined mobile internet pass providing international WiFi and 3G data roaming access in order to provide their customers with even greater coverage and flexibility.

Christian VanGhelder, managing director of Trustive commented “Hotels and campsites are the 2 most popular venue types amongst Trustive customers (accounting for 56% and 31% of all Trustive customer WiFi sessions and with average session lengths of 1h30 and 3h respectively) and we are thus very pleased to be able to welcome 1600 of the SpotCoffee locations to our premium international network.  The ability to share photos, watch online videos and TV replays and keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter et al quickly, easily and with peace of mind thanks to Trustive’s low-cost service and no download quota policy is greatly appreciated by Trustive’s community of frequent and occasional travellers; we are therefore sure that our community will quickly begin to make the most of these new SpotCoffee venues.”


About Trustive
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About SpotCoffee
SpotCoffee is a software development firm and WiFi operator, who has developed and released a range of specialist WiFi hotspot management packages, all under the brand name QuickSpot. More than 2000 venues, hospitality chains and Telco operators are using SpotCoffee Quickspot hotspot management solutions. For more information, please visit: