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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


Trustive launches new "regional" WiFi passes for the Far East, South America and North-Eastern Europe

Low-cost WiFi access in Asia & Australasia, Latin America & North-Eastern Europe

Trustive celebrates its growing international presence and it's recent WiFi network expansion with the launch of three regional WiFi passes, aimed specifically at travellers heading to the Far East, South America or North-Eastern Europe.

Trustive’s strategy has long been to provide seamless mobile internet access to travellers via a single click. Trustive’s WiFi network, which has undergone significant expansion in recent months, currently includes 180,000 WiFi hotspots in 130 countries (combining the hotspot locations of more than 80 leading WiFi operators into one unified network), making it not only No1 in Europe, but also No1 in Asia, and probably the leading international WiFi access provider as well. 

It is this premium network expansion in the Far East (i.e. India, China, Japan & Australia), South America (i.e. Brazil & Columbia) and Eastern Europe (including Russia & Scandinavia), which has been the impetus for Trustive’s new regional passes. The regional passes are available exclusively via Trustive’s website for a limited period (until 31/12/2010) and at just 35 Euros for 30 hours WiFi access (the equivalent to just 0.02 Euros per minute), they represent great value for money for travellers heading to the Far East (Asia & Australasia), South America or North-Eastern Europe.

As one would expect, these regional WiFi passes benefit from all of the usual advantages associated with Trustive’s renowned WiFi service: WiFi software to detect and connect to Trustive hotspots, access to Trustive’s secure web browsing facility, secure online payment facilities and easy online top ups to name but a few. Trustive’s no download quota policy will of course be of prime interest to any travellers wishing to share their photos and HD videos, watch TV replays or check their e-mails and favourite social networks whilst they are away.

Christian VanGhelder, managing director of Trustive commented “Trustive is very proud not only of its increasing presence outside of mainland Europe (in key cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Manila, Hong Kong, Narita, Bangkok, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Rio de Janiero, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Moscow and St Petersburg) but also of its commitment to providing customers with maximum control over their budgets, with great value for money passes and easy to use online tools so that customers can control their budgets and monitor their usage real-time, 24/7.” 

Full details about each of Trustive’s regional passes, including the countries & hotspots included in each one, are available via Trustive’s website: