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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


Trustive's new "Mobile Hotspot" brings seamless 3G connectivity to all your favourite WiFi devices

Seamless 3G mobile internet access for your favourite WiFi devicesThe new mobile hotspot from Trustive offers travellers seamless 3G internet access for up to 5 WiFi enabled devices in 85+ countries worldwide.

Some say that all good things come in little packages and the Trustive mobile hotspot is no exception! This lightweight, credit card sized, personal hotspot is the perfect travelling companion, giving Trustive customers seamless 3G internet access in 85 countries worldwide and enabling them to quickly and easily share this connection with up to 5 WiFi enabled devices (laptops, iPads, Google Phones, iPhones or any other WiFi enabled smartphones, cameras, game consoles, etc. ).

Whenever Trustive mobile broadband internet customers are not within range of a Trustive WiFi hotspot, then Trustive’s mobile hotspot is a quick and easy way of getting mobile internet access for up to 5 WiFi devices at any one time. This private and secure hotspot is delivered pre-configured for the customer’s personal use and is incredibly easy to use (with just one button - on/off), automatically connecting to Trustive’s international 3G network (available in 85 countries worldwide) and thereby providing the ultimate in wireless freedom.

Trustive’s mobile hotspot is the latest in a range of mobile internet connection solutions aimed at giving frequent travellers maximum coverage and flexibility whilst on the move. Customers may choose to share their secure mobile hotspot internet connection with their travelling companions or co-workers (up to 5 WiFi devices can be connected simultaneously), making it an ideal solution for business travellers who often need to set up a mobile office anywhere and at anytime.

Of course, the real advantage of Trustive’s mobile broadband pass is the dual nature of the service; by combining the convenient 3G internet access with WiFi access across Trustive’s network of 140,000 premium hotspots, Trustive customers are able to manage their mobile internet usage and retain complete control of the associated costs. Trustive highly recommends offloading data heavy tasks (up/downloading multimedia files, sending/receiving large e-mail attachments, watching online videos or TV replays etc.) onto Trustive’s WiFi network in order to take advantage of the ‘no download quota’ policy applicable to all WiFi sessions (WiFi sessions are charged on a per minute basis).

Christian VanGhelder, managing director of Trustive, says “Trustive’s goal has always been to provide a comprehensive, low-cost and most importantly an easy to use mobile internet access service for travellers and by removing the usual hassle and complexity associated with 3G data roaming solutions, our mobile broadband internet package combined with the new mobile hotspot really does fulfil all these criteria.” 

Update: On 5th October 2010, Trustive was pleased to announce a mobile internet network expansion. Trustive's international wireless internet coverage now includes 3G networks in 90 countries and 180,000 premium WiFi hotspots in 130 countries. Please visit Trustive's directory for full, up-to-date details about Trustive's mobile internet coverage.