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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


Trustive's new mobile broadband connection app, Easy2roam, is now available!

Trustive’s mobile broadband customers can now enjoy wireless roaming on both Trustive’s international WiFi hotspot and 3G networks on their GoogleTM phones!

Easy2roam, Trustive's Google Phone app for seamless WiFi & 3G accessFollowing the launch of its new mobile broadband internet service last month, Trustive is proud to announce the launch of a new connection management for GoogleTM phones that enables Trustive’s new mobile broadband internet customers to enjoy one click access to both Trustive’s WiFi and 3G networks in 110+ countries worldwide.

Trustive’s strategy has long been to provide seamless mobile internet access to travellers via a single click (one pass with a single username and password plus a range of WiFi clients for both computers and smartphones that automate the log in process). The introduction of this new combined mobile broadband internet pass offers customers greater flexibility and increased coverage, but ease of use remains of paramount importance for Trustive.

Christian VanGhelder, managing director for Trustive explains that “Ease of access has always been a prime concern of Trustive customers and that’s why Trustive has invested heavily in developing a wide range of connection tools for the most popular devices on the market. It was therefore only natural for us to extend this range of connection software in order to bring seamless WiFi and 3G access to our mobile broadband internet customers”

Easy2roam is now available for free download from the Android MarketTM and enables mobile broadband customers to detect Trustive networks and connect quickly and easily either via WiFi or 3G, whichever the customer chooses. As with Trustive’s WiFi passes, the new mobile broadband internet service is based on a simple billing model that offers customers maximum control and cost predictability. A purely prepaid service that gives customers complete control over their credit, no hidden costs, an easy online top-up facility and 24/7 access to their account usage in real-time continue to be the primary advantages of a Trustive mobile internet access account. Now that Easy2roam for the GoogleTM phone has been released, all of these features are just one click away for mobile broadband customers too!

Easy2roam, Trustive's Google Phone app for seamless WiFi & 3G access
To download easy2roam, please click here or scan the QR code opposite using your GoogleTM Phone.

For more information about Trustive’s mobile internet access services, please visit