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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


The biggest worldwide wireless broadband service is deployed from Europe as Trustive WiFi network grows to 140,000 premium locations in 70+ countries!

London based Trustive has long aimed to unify local WiFi hotspot networks (airports, hotels, bars etc.) under one brand in order to save travellers from having to register and input their credit card details each and every time they want to connect to a different WiFi hotspot. With a Trustive pass, travellers can roam freely across a comprehensive network of hotspots, taking their credit with them wherever they go. In the face of stiff competition from big operators, this approach may have seemed risky.

However WiFi has now become so widespread, with hotspots cropping up in ever more places, that its availability is now expected in many locations, thereby encouraging users to rely on WiFi for a range of new and exciting tasks. As such, providing a reliable, high-speed WiFi access service has become a necessity for hotels, restaurants and bars, airports, leisure centres and campsites, train stations, at home and even in planes. Trustive’s WiFi network has grown in parallel, from 3000 hotspots in 2003 to an incredible 140,000 premium locations in 70+ countries worldwide, making it the No1 WiFi access provider in Europe and probably the largest in the world too. 

The spread of WiFi, the improvements in technology (devices) as well as the speed of transmission all combine now to facilitate real multimedia usage. Users are no longer content just to consult their e-mails and the odd website. We use IM (instant messaging) VoIP services to keep communication costs down in countries where this is permitted. We watch YouTube videos and consult Google. We connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or any of the other networking sites where we need to be seen.

For the past 7 years, Trustive has followed this evolution establishing relationships with most of the key actors and big operators like Telefonica, BT Openzone, Swisscom, SFR, KPN, Golden Telecom, China Telecom (etc.) in order to be able to offer coverage in 70+ countries via 140,000 premium WiFi hotspot locations (hotels chains, restaurants, bars, airports, train stations, conference centres, marinas, car rentals). If you travel around China, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Argentina or if you go to Moscow, St Petersburg, Cape Town or anywhere in Europe, having high-speed access is now completely feasible, without the need to worry about the associated cost upon your return home because billing is simple with online account monitoring (in real-time, 24/7) and no hidden costs.

To help customers, Trustive also provides free WiFi software that detects and automatically identifies Trustive hotspots and logs the customer in with just one click. The customer can also access the secure web browser via the WiFi software if required. 

Over recent years, the economy has seen the collapse of large corporate structures and a shift in favour of smaller organisations. A “nomadic” population has appeared, freed from the restraints of traditional structures (offices, meeting rooms) they are conducting business in bars, restaurants and hotels, which are cheaper and much more flexible. Trustive’s 2009 customer survey results (which represent the opinion of Trustive’s customer base of 8000+ frequent travellers) confirm that Internet access in these locations is a key, deciding factor and users are now basing their travel decisions on the availability (or not) of WiFi. 

Trustive’s aim remains primarily to form partnerships that will enable the new “nomads”, who travel for business and leisure, to log in with a minimum of security and a maximum of freedom, whilst respecting the prevailing legislation.

Trustive will continue to expand in areas such as Japan, Korea, Singapore and Latin America by joining forces with innovative companies in order to guarantee the provision of a secure, seamless and high-speed service with clear cost control for the user. It is highly probable that Trustive will integrate other technologies into its offering to complement its WiFi service. International 3G services remain a “back-up” solution, for limited access in case of an emergency. We should remember that it is highly recommend to deactivate the “international data roaming” service option on the iPhone before leaving your home country and that the 50 Euros maximum usage limit and service cut off on international roaming fees that was imposed on mobile operators by the European Union in 2009, is quickly reached when you travel abroad and connect using your smartphone or 3G dongle.

WiFi will remain a key part of mobile internet for a long time to come, especially as soon as users pass the border or want to do more than just check their e-mails.  Recently, the Netbook, iPhone, iPod Touch, Google phone & now the iPad have all confirmed this trend. So before travelling, for business or leisure, remember “regardless of the device you use, the important thing is to get connected!”