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Stoke & Trustive launch survey on mobile data usage

As part of their ongoing research to improve the mobile data experience, WiFi Internet access provider Trustive ( and mobile broadband gateway developer Stoke, Inc. ( invite business travelers and people using data services outside their home network to take a brief survey.

“Mobile operators currently target their services primarily on local or domestic customers and subscribers who move outside of the operator’s coverage area are basically on their own,” said Barry Hill, vice president of sales and marketing at Stoke.  “Our research shows that for traveling data users, getting access to wireless broadband coverage involves repeated web browser logins and paying for different accounts. Our new survey will help to highlight the real-world issues in mobile usage.”

Stoke and Trustive recently formed a partnership to research new technology architectures and business models that will facilitate a seamless mobile broadband data experience for an increasingly mobile workforce.

“Trustive is working with Stoke to combine our technologies to provide the frequent international traveler with the same seamless wireless broadband experience regardless of whether that wireless access is local or at an airport hotspot three time zones away,” said Christian VanGhelder, managing director of Trustive.  “The success of the iPhone and other devices that allow access through WiFi and 3G have focused attention on the future of mobile data traffic.  We hope that users will share their opinions on how this future will be shaped.” 

About Stoke
Stoke develops carrier-class mobile broadband gateways specifically engineered to enable mobile and converged network operators to maximize the economic returns of their 3G mobile networks. For more information, visit

About Trustive
Following 5 years of heavy investment and the conclusion of strong roaming agreements with 70+ hotspot operators in 65+ countries, Trustive is now able to offer a seamless service that is both reliable and competitively priced across a unified and ever expanding network of 90,000 WiFi hotspots. For more information, visit