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Trustive's 'Enhanced WiFi Security' feature will soon bring peace of mind to WiFi customers

As the availability and usage of WiFi services grows year on year, so does the number and type of security threats associated with customers using WiFi networks for both personal and professional purposes. In order to protect its customers WiFi sessions from this threat, Trustive is developing an ‘Enhanced WiFi Security’ feature, which will be launched in May 2009.

WiFi security threats can take many forms, including the setting up rogue hotspots for the purpose of stealing sensitive, personal data of anyone who uses them carelessly.  With the growth in the number and nature of online services, such as e-banking, e-mailing (professional and personal) and online shopping to name but a few, it is essential that WiFi users are educated about the potential risks and strive to protect themselves wherever and whenever possible. 

To assist customers, Trustive is developing an Enhanced WiFi Security feature, which is based on Cisco infrastructure and will soon be included as a standard feature in all Trustive WiFi access packages. It is a web encryption system that will encrypt the customer’s internet surfing access whilst they are connected to public WiFi hotspots, thereby offering exactly the same level of protection as if a user was logged in on his home network.