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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access


Trustive launches MyHotspotter for the MacBook

One-click access to 65,000+ WiFi hotspots worldwide can now be a reality for MacBook users with the launch this week of a new, Mac compatible version of Trustive’s WiFi client (connection management software) MyHotspotter.

The Trustive service has already proven to be a simple yet winning concept for business travellers time and time again: reliable, high-speed WiFi access to an extensive and unified global network of WiFi hotspots through a variety of tailored subscription packages designed to suit both the occasional and frequent user. Asus Eee PC users as well as more traditional Windows (XP & Vista) users can already take advantage of this service through their own versions of MyHotspotter, which have been available for over a year.

Mac aficionados, will appreciate MyHotspotter’s simple design, sleek interface and its inherent ease of use.

“With the release of MyHotspotter for the MacBook, Trustive is venturing into a whole new arena” says Caroline Berry, Sales and Marketing Director of Trustive. “Our goal has always been to put Trustive firmly into the palm of every frequent traveller’s hand and with this launch we really are another step closer to achieving this.”

The launch of MyHotspotter for the MacBook and the upcoming release of a MyHotspotter app, which will soon be available for download onto the iPhone and iPod Touch, do mark the dawn of a new era for Trustive and the Trustive community. With no download restrictions or hidden costs, Trustive customers are now able to make calls, use IM services, e-mail, surf and share multimedia information even more freely than before.