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Survey unveils users' preference for WiFi over 3G

Trustive is pleased to announce survey results regarding users' WiFi preferences in the "Devicescape WiFi Report". The survey, conducted by Decipher, Inc. on behalf of Devicescape, The Cloud and Trustive, queried a cross-section of more than 2,500 Devicescape members from various professional sectors and students from around the world.

Key findings highlight that an overwhelming majority (81%) prefer using WiFi over 3G for browsing web sites, downloading data, Google searches and sending e-mail.

The results also show that a high percentage of customers do not understand their mobile roaming costs when travelling outside of their native country and furthermore they don't feel they are cost effective. With a variety of low-cost access tariffs, Trustive ensures that travellers can understand & predict their WiFi costs when abroad and avoid high mobile operator roaming charges. Trustive customers can access WiFi around the world for as little as £0.07 per minute, a huge cost saving when compared with 3G data roaming tariffs. Plus there are no download restrictions or hidden charges with Trustive.

Devicescape's survey also shows that the top three most irritating things about Wi-Fi are:
    * Complicated log-in screens
    * Confusion over which network to use
    * Payment methods

Trustive's one-click connection manager (MyHotspotter) means that customers can access WiFi seamlessly. Trustive provides a unified service which removes complexity for the end-user by providing easy access to all networks with the same familiar authentication method and billing procedure.

A further finding highlighted that the iPhone has over taken the laptop as the number one device for accessing WiFi hotspots. More and more frequent travellers are now turning to the iPhone as their mobility device of choice for their voice and data needs. It's with this in mind that Trustive is planning to launch its service on the iPhone; the "Easy Wi-Fi" connection manager will soon be available as an App from the Apple iStore, offering simplified WiFi access to Trustive's global network to iPod Touch and iPhone customers.

This competitive pricing along with simple, one-click access to all of these hotspots, means Trustive is the professional's choice when it comes to WiFi access.

About Trustive
The Trustive team are a group of entrepreneurs who regularly travel internationally and who therefore clearly understand the need and benefit of being able to use WiFi whilst on the move. Trustive recognises the value of a good WiFi service and when hotspot operators provide a service that is easy to use, quick and correctly priced, then WiFi technology can quickly become a vital tool for the frequent traveller. The reality of WiFi is usually a fragmented service with different hotspot operators having their own log in methods, billing systems and coverage restricted to certain countries or even cities. Trustive decided to overcome these challenges in order to improve this reality for the whole Trustive community. Following 5 years of heavy investment and the conclusion of strong roaming agreements with 70+ hotspot operators in 65+ countries, Trustive is now able to offer a seamless service that is both reliable and competitively priced across a unified and ever expanding network of 65,000 WiFi hotspots.