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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access



Pooled subscriptions provide IT and finance directors with greater flexibility and cost control

Trustive, Europe’s leading wireless hotspot access provider, today announced the launch of its new Business Solutions service aimed at providing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with flexible Wi-Fi hotspot access across Europe for their mobile workforces.

Keeping track of communications usage and expenditure can be a major headache for many SMEs.  Despite Wi-Fi proving to be the most cost-effective service for people on the move, up until now there has been no real solution for SMEs wanting to provide their workforces with extensive, high-speed wireless Internet access. Trustive’s pooled subscriptions* from their Business Solutions service will provide employees with seamless access to more than 20,000 hotspots. Pooled subscriptions enable minutes from each individual user to be aggregated into one pool, so that usage can be shared out across an organisation, as need dictates, all at a fixed monthly cost.

Accounts can be easily monitored and changed online using Trustive’s management tool, which allows IT and finance directors to easily add or delete users and track usage across their mobile workforce. This provides SMEs with total control and visibility and at the same time, the flexibility to modify their account to meet the ever-changing requirements of their mobile workforce. 

Trustive offers seamless wireless hotspot access through a unified global network of hotspots.  Using Trustive’s recently released HotSpotter software, users can easily detect hotspots anywhere in the world and have secure one click access to the network.  Trustive’s ‘per second’ billing also means that users only pay for the time they actually use, rather than burn unused minutes unnecessarily.

The Trustive network covers over 20,000 hotspots, connecting more than 60 of the best European networks, including The Cloud, SFR, KPN Hotspots and Vodafone Italia. Trustive customers can access some of the prime wireless locations across Europe, including coverage at all major EU airports.

Bram Jan Streefland, co-founder and managing director of Trustive, said: “Staying on top of communications expenses can be a nightmare for SMEs, particularly if employees are regularly travelling throughout Europe and the US.  Trustive’s Business Solutions service aims to provide SMEs with the flexibility to manage their accounts online when travels habits or employees change, and at the same time provide them with greater cost control.”

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