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Trustive, Low-cost, International WiFi Access



Trustive HotSpotter removes the hassles from Wi-Fi hotspot access on the move

Trustive, Europe’s leading wireless hotspot access provider, today announced the launch of its new consumer service to provide seamless hotspot connectivity for business travellers and other mobile workers.  

According to ABI Research, the number of commercial Wi-Fi hotspots grew by 47% worldwide in 2006 . However, up until now many hotspot users have faced the frustrations of multiple logins, limited coverage from a single provider, and even being unable to send email. Trustive’s service addresses these problems by offering seamless wireless hotspot access to people on the move through a unified global network of hotspots.

The Trustive network covers more than 20,000 hotspots, connecting 60 of the best networks across Europe, including The Cloud, SFR, KPN Hotspots and Vodafone Italia. Trustive customers can access some of the prime wireless locations across Europe, including coverage at all major EU airports.

To sign up to the service users need to visit Here, users can register and download Trustive’s newly-released HotSpotter, which is a clever piece of software that enables users to easily detect Trustive hotspots and provides secure one-click access to the network. 

Being unable to send emails from a hotspot will be a thing of the past, as the HotSpotter has it own unique email tool which enables messages, using your existing email account, to be sent from any hotspot even if SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) access is blocked.  Other key features of the HotSpotter include a hotspots locator, instant account history and overview, and VPN connectivity. 

Trustive offers several price plans including pre-paid and subscription* – giving users the flexibility they need to access the internet while they are on the move.  Trustive’s ‘per second’ billing means that users only pay for the time that they use and only receive a single monthly bill.

Bram Jan Streefland, co-founder and managing director of Trustive, said: “Today’s business traveller is demanding seamless Wi-Fi access wherever they are in the world.  By signing up with Trustive, customers can enjoy an enhanced hotspot user experience."

Our per second pricing also means that users can avoid the frustration of burning minutes unnecessarily.  For example, at an airport you may only want wireless access for 10 minutes to check some emails, but often you are only presented with the option to purchase a 60 minute voucher which is only valid for a limited amount of time.

To sign up as a Trustive customer or to find out more information about the service, please visit

* Trustive pricing

Pre-Paid    Price    Euro cents
per minute    Mins. incl.
per month
Pre-Paid 30    € 30    10.9    275
Pre-Paid 60    € 60    10.4    575

Subscriptions    Price
per month    Euro cents
per minute    Mins. incl.
per month
Trustive 15    € 15    10.0    150
Trustive 40    € 40    8.9    450

About Trustive Retail
Trustive is Europe’s leading wireless hotspot access provider and one of the fastest growing in the world. Trustive is meeting the end-user demand for access to a global network of hotspots by offering a unified service through an easy-to-use user interface (The HotSpotter), providing the end-user with one single login and invoice.

The Trustive network currently offers access to over 20,000 hotspots across 60 networks, including The Cloud, SFR, KPN Hotspots and Vodafone Italia.  Coverage includes all major EU airports - London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Berlin, Rome, Milan and 70 other European destinations.
Created in 2003, Trustive is a privately-held company with headquarters in Amsterdam and R&D offices in Sophia Antipolis, France. For more information visit

For further information, please contact Trustive PR office:
Alex Crawshaw, Catalysis
Tel: +44 (0)20 7101 7333  E-mail: